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Dice at Blaze online casino

Dice at Blaze online casino

The famous Dice game offered by Blaze online casino is nothing but a reimagining of the traditional dice game with some unique features. Let's take a look at how Blaze casino presents this fresh take on the dice game.

Before playing Dice Blaze

Dice Blaze

The online dice game you will find at Blaze casino offers players the opportunity to win real money, of course, depending on your bet and luck. The Dice game, like most games at Blaze casino, includes an algorithm that randomly determines the game's outcome.

On the other hand, Blaze casino provides options for manual or automatic play, designed to enhance the experience of each player. Additionally, there are features such as Provably Fair, which allow players to verify the fairness of their bets. Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities of Dice at Blaze casino.

Dice Blaze Game

Dice Blaze Game

Dice is a fast-paced and thrilling dice game where you can win many prizes. The game is straightforward to understand and does not require players to have any special knowledge or skills. Additionally, adjustable parameters and advanced Dice strategies increase the chances of winning.

However, do not forget that Dice is a game of chance at Blaze online casino, and there is a risk of losing your money. Thus, using specific strategies does not guarantee that you will always win since, like any gambling game, the outcome depends solely on chance.

Remember to practice responsible gaming. Gaming addiction occurs when you seek to win from every bet and cannot stop your bettings. This can be dangerous for some players, so they should adhere to the principles of responsible gaming to minimize negative consequences.

What sets Dice at Blaze casino apart from other casinos?

What sets Dice at Blaze casino apart from other casinos

When you find Dice game in Blaze Originals section on the far left of your PC or mobile device screen, you will see a window that includes elements such as:

  • Game mode selection - Normal and Auto play,
  • Below the game mode, you will find a window to choose the bet amount,
  • A window displaying the average winning percentage in relation to the placed bet amount,
  • A red button labeled Depósito (Deposit) to place the bet,
  • At the bottom of the game window, there are buttons to access additional information about the game, betting history, game statistics, sound on/off controls, and an Instant Bet option,
  • You will see a primary graphical element, such as a slider, in the large dice game window. This slider is a thick line, half red and half green, separated by a white circle that slides to find the bet multiplier,
  • There are three windows below the slider: Multiplier, Accumulation, and Chance to Win.

Advantages and Disadvantages of playing Dice at Blaze online casino:

Advantages and Disadvantages of playing Dice at Blaze online casino

Let's start with the advantages of playing Dice at the Blaze online casino:

  • The game rules are simple and understandable to both beginners and experienced players.
  • Players can enhance their gaming experience and increase their chances of winning by customizing the game according to their preferences and applying advanced betting strategies.
  • Each dice game utilizes a fair and verifiable algorithm, ensuring that the results are not manipulated.
  • Dice is a fast-paced game, and there is a high probability of quick wins.
  • The demo version of Dice allows players to start playing for real money once they gain experience.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages of playing Dice at the Blaze online casino:

  • Dice is one of many gambling games in online casinos, where there is always a risk of losing money after one or multiple bets.
  • When playing Dice, the only certainty is that everything depends on chance and luck. No strategy guarantees a win.
  • For some players, the absence of a real dealer or other players may create a sense of monotony, as there is no interaction during the game.
  • Dice game can be addictive for many players, so Blaze casino recommends follows to the principles of responsible gaming to minimize any negative consequences.

Brief Overview of Dice Game at Blaze Casino

Brief Overview of Dice Game at Blaze Casino

Blaze Casino offers the Dice game on its website, ensuring compliance with all laws and prioritizing the safety of its players.

Moreover, Dice game at Blaze Casino utilizes advanced encryption technology. As a result, players' personal and financial data are securely protected, as all communications are transmitted through encryption protocols, providing defense against potential cyberattacks.

Design of Dice Game on Blaze

Design of Dice Game on Blaze

The Dice game on Blaze casino website offers high-quality graphics and sound, similar to other games on Blaze. Thus, the casino provides players with a visually appealing world combined with music and sound effects, making the game engaging.

The Dice game also stands out for its accessibility and convenience, as well as the opportunity to win progressive jackpots, which are accumulating prizes. With the quality that distinguishes the Blaze casino platform, you can play in the comfort of your home, at work, or while on vacation at any time.

Return Percentage in Blaze Dice

Return Percentage in Blaze Dice

When placing your bet on the Dice game panel, you choose the desired multiplier. In this case, the standard value is 2x. With this multiplier, the probability of getting your bet back is approximately 48% - 51%.

In Blaze Dice, you can also adjust the multiplier from 1.10x to 970x, which affects your chances of winning and potential payout. For example, let's say you placed a $1 bet with a 2x multiplier. When you press any of the buttons, a yellow circle appears on the slider, indicating your placed bet. Your payout will be around two dollars if the multiplier falls within your chosen range.

It's important to remember that the higher the multiplier, the lower your chances of winning. However, you can achieve a generous payout if you take risks. Even with just a $1 bet, there is a chance to win almost a thousand dollars with a 970x multiplier. As you can see, it all depends on luck.

How to Play Dice on Blaze

How to Play Dice on Blaze

Dice is a game where the player must predict whether the rolled number will be lower or higher than the chosen number. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Set your bet size.
  • Enter the amount you want to wager.
  • Move the white circle on the slider toward the green zone. Your chances of winning increase if the multiplier falls within the green zone or the winning field. Remember that the chances of winning decrease as the multiplier increases.
  • You must choose between the options higher or lower. By changing this button, you will notice how the green zone on the slider changes.
  • Roll the dice, click the bet button, and watch the dice roll. To win, they must land in the green zone.

Tactics and Strategies for Playing Dice on Blaze

Tactics and Strategies for Playing Dice on Blaze

To increase the likelihood of winning while playing Dice at Blaze Casino online, some of the most common strategies include:

  • Martingale

    This strategy involves doubling the bet after each loss and resetting it after a win. It is a popular tactic for aiming for significant winnings and the potential to recover the balance after a few losses. The Martingale strategy is also ideal for players with sufficient funds in their gaming balance. It is a perfect strategy for games with an RTP of 99%.

  • Reverse Martingale

    This strategy involves doubling the bet after three or more consecutive losses in the game. After a win, the player resets the bet. It is one of the most reliable and secure strategies.

  • Paroli

    The goal of this strategy is to minimize losses and maximize winning streaks. Additionally, the bet is increased after each win and reset after each loss.

  • D'Alembert

    This strategy is based on adding to the bet size after each win and subtracting after each loss. The size of the addition or subtraction depends on the player's preferences.

    Playing in automatic mode is another option for placing bets in the Dice game. This way, players can control their gameplay by setting bets and potential winnings. Players can even choose between fast and slow game speeds. Additionally, the automatic mode allows players to set limits on their wins and losses.

Rules of Dice Game on Blaze

Rules of Dice Game on Blaze

To have the best gaming experience, players at Blaze online casino should keep in mind the following rules of Dice game:

  1. Manage the slider to place a bet and predict the outcome of the next round.
  2. The Random Number Generator (RNG) will stop at a number ranging from 0 to 100.
  3. You win the bet if the number where the slider stops is within the green zone. Otherwise, you lose if the number falls within the red zone.

Blaze Bonuses or Promotions for Dice Players

Blaze Bonuses or Promotions for Dice Players

Bonuses at Blaze casino are what makes the casino appealing to players. Players who engage in Dice games on the Blaze casino website can enjoy the process and maximize their winnings.

That's why welcome bonuses, received upon registration at Blaze, provide players with more money to play Dice. You also receive deposit bonuses when funding your account, further increasing your chances of winning.

Moreover, Blaze casino offers special promotions that allow you to participate in Dice tournaments. These tournaments even come with a loyalty program that rewards loyal players of specific games for their participation. Earn rewards in the form of bonuses for your loyalty, playing Dice, and collecting points for each bet. These points can later be exchanged for bonuses, gifts, and other exclusive privileges.

Where can you play Blaze Dice?

play Blaze Dice

To enjoy the gaming experience of Dice in the finest Blaze tradition, you can log in to the following gaming websites:

  3. 1xBit
  4. Fortune Jack
  5. Criptojogos

Download Blaze Dice on Mobile Device

Download Blaze Dice on Mobile Device

You can directly download Dice app on Blaze from APK platform to play the game on your Android mobile phone or tablet. Just make sure to allow any changes or authorizations your device requests during the app installation.

To find information about this app, such as its reputation and reviews, simply visit App Store for iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. You can be assured that the Dice game has the highest quality as it holds an average rating of 4+.

What You Should Know Before Playing Dice on Blaze:

Playing Dice on Blaze

The Dice game on Blaze casino website is one of the most popular virtual games as it offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Moreover, the simple rules, useful strategies, and settings tailored to the abilities and skills of players allow them to play the game successfully.

On the other hand, the transparency in configuring the algorithm, which enables participation in Dice games, gives players the opportunity to engage in fair play. To achieve this, the Blaze website provides a demo mode to access the Dice game, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the dynamics and design of the game.

These elements make the online Dice game appealing and enjoyable, providing players interested in such types of games in virtual casinos with the opportunity to win significant rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dice Game on Blaze

Can I try Blaze Dice before playing with real money?

Yes, many online casinos offer players a demo version of Dice so they can try the game without risking their own money. Blaze online casino is no exception. This way, players can better understand the dynamics of the dice game and test some strategies before playing with real money.

Is Dice game on Blaze website fair?

Certainly, every player is concerned about the fairness of the Dice game. Blaze online casino offers Provably Fair feature, which allows players to verify the fairness of the game algorithm. The presence of this feature ensures that no one interferes with the game round, and the round's outcome is generated randomly.

Are there any strategies for playing Dice on the Blaze website?

Of course, Blaze online casino offers players the option to customize the game based on their interests to increase their chances of winning.

Are there any risks when playing Dice on the Blaze online casino website?

Obviously, in all online casinos, there is always a risk of losing your bet. The Dice game is no exception, so Blaze casino recommends its players to practice responsible gaming and only bet amounts they can afford to lose.

Can I play Dice game on the Blaze website at any time?

Yes, once you have registered on the Blaze casino website and made your first deposit, you can play the Dice game at any time. Simply go to the Blaze Originals section located on the right side of the screen, select the Dice game, and follow the instructions.

Does my data safe when playing Dice at Blaze casino?

Blaze online casino uses advanced encryption technologies to protect the personal and financial data of its players. This way, all data is transmitted in encrypted form to ensure its confidentiality during gameplay.

Can I activate a registration bonus for playing Dice on the Blaze website?

If you are a new player in Blaze casino, you will receive a registration bonus that can be used in Dice game. Activate it by clicking the Deposit button and selecting the bonus when making a deposit.

Can I register more than one account at Blaze casino for playing Dice?

No, each player is allowed to register only one account. Blaze casino identifies duplicate accounts and removes them.

Making bets on Dice Blaze is safe


I found out that Blaze is a reliable online casino where I can play Dice without any risk. I wish there were more options for deposits and withdrawals, though. 

Mark, 47 years old
Making bets on Dice Blaze is safe

Playing Dice on Blaze is fun


Although I had fun playing Dice at Blaze Casino, I would like them to improve their service so that I don't have to constantly connect via VPN, as it sometimes affects the connection.

Mike, 51 years old
Playing Dice on Blaze is fun

I played Dice in Blaze app without any issues


After downloading Blaze app, you'll find a pleasant interface where you can play dice without any problems. 

Angela, 23 years old
I played Dice in Blaze app without any issues

Great wins in Dice at Blaze Casino


By playing Dice at Blaze Casino, you'll see that winning is possible in this casino. Additionally, you can reach out to customer support at any time if you have any questions.

Rosa, 37 years old
Great wins in Dice at Blaze Casino

Blaze Dice app is safe


In Blaze app, you can play Dice perfectly. You can win thanks to the promotions that offer bonus money. Moreover, with various deposit and withdrawal methods available, the attractiveness of Dice games increases significantly.

Mario, 24 years old
Blaze Dice app is safe

You can earn real money by playing Dice on Blaze


I played several rounds of Dice on the Blaze online casino website, and everything went well for me. The betting limits are flexible and suitable for players with both small and unlimited balances.

Matt, 25 years old
You can earn real money by playing Dice on Blaze

I like design of Dice game at Blaze Casino


I pay close attention to the convenience of the websites where I play. So when I visited the Blaze online casino website and started playing Dice, I was convinced that it's a great gaming experience. A fantastic way to have fun and even make some good money. I recommend it.

David, 38 years old
I like design of Dice game at Blaze Casino

Playing Dice on Blaze gives great emotions


Due to the game's pace and the possibility of winning, playing Dice on Blaze online casino website is a very exciting experience. I've had rounds with ups and downs, but I also won and usually stayed ahead.

Nick, 29 years old
Playing Dice on Blaze gives great emotions