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The Gates of Olympus slot is part of the Blaze Casino game catalog. The theme of the Gates of Olympus slot machine is based on the gods and Greek mythology. It's a slot machine that's easily recognizable by the image of the gates of Olympus, guarded by the majestic god Zeus. The god Zeus seems to hover next to the gates, waiting for mortals trying to approach the chambers of his realm.

The Gates of Olympus slot machine, one of the most popular slots on the Blaze Casino website, includes several reels that are full of various exotic jewels. Each gem has its own value in the slot. Additionally, during the game, these precious stones determine whether a player can advance to Zeus's kingdom. The Gates of Olympus slot is perfect for those in search of a slot machine about Ancient Greek history.

Features of Gates of Olympus at Blaze Casino

On the Blaze Casino website, the Gates of Olympus slot is one of the most popular slot machines. This is partly due to the game featuring high-quality graphics, an epic music soundtrack, fun sound effects, and attractive animation.

Also notable in Gates of Olympus is the color palette: purple, blue, and gold. It is in these colors that the reels are designed, set between white columns with bright flames burning on their tops. On the other hand, the god Zeus seems to be watching every game of the Gates of Olympus slot at Blaze Casino with his piercing bright green eyes and a posture expressing readiness for battle.

Description of Gates of Olympus at Blaze Casino

The online game Gates of Olympus at Blaze Casino is a slot machine with six reels and five rows. They are presented in a cascading format. Such an arrangement of the reels differs from the conventional scheme that involves forming lines from which payouts occur.

A player can get a win when certain symbols land after each spin of the reels. Consequently, the more matching symbols a player gets, the bigger the win will be.

Symbols of Gates of Olympus at Blaze Casino

All the symbols of Gates of Olympus on the Blaze Casino website have different values. It's important to understand that a combination of different symbols can yield different values, meaning they don't necessarily have to be adjacent to produce a winning combination with each spin. Therefore, after each spin, the symbols that form a winning combination disappear from the screen, activating the cascading feature.

In addition, the specified slot symbols remaining on the playing field move to the bottom of the screen. Then, new symbols occupy the vacant positions. Cascades can appear in the Blaze slot in indefinite quantities. It's important to mention one of the most significant symbols, such as the Scatter, which appears on all reels and denotes a win, regardless of its position and at the end of the round.

Symbols and Figures of Gates of Olympus on the Blaze Website

While the Blaze online casino's version of Gates of Olympus isn't a slot with wild symbols, the slot has graphical elements that set it apart from similar slots. For example:

    • Symbols that yield wins frequently appear on any reel and in any position.
    • Four figures that serve as multipliers in any reel combination. Their values change randomly in ranges from x2 to x500.
    • The cascade sequence displays multiplier values.
    • Precious stones in green, purple, yellow, brown, blue, gold, and red colors.
    • Rings and crowns.
    • Scatter and seal.

Carefully review the following table for values and equivalents of each symbol in this slot.




The win will be 15 euros if it appears 8-9 times during the game. The win will increase to 36-37 euros if the symbol appears 10-11 times and 75 euros when the symbol appears 12-30 times.


The win will be 3.5 euros if the symbol appears 8-9 times. The win will reach 15 euros if the symbol appears 10-11 times or up to 37 euros in case of a win appearing 12-30 times


The player receives 3 euros if the symbol appears 8-9 times, 7.5 euros if it appears 10-11 times, and 22 euros if the symbol appears 12-30 times.


The win will be 2 euros if the symbol appears 8-9 times, 3 euros if it appears 10-11 times, and 18 euros if it appears 12 to 30 times.


The win will amount to 1.5 euros if the symbol appears 8-9 times, 2.2 euros if it appears 10 to 11 times, and 15 euros if it appears from 12 to 30 times

Purple gem

The player will receive just over 1 dollar if the symbol appears 8-9 times, 3 euros if it appears 10-11 times, and 12 euros if the symbol appears 12-30 times.

Yellow gem

The winnings will be slightly less than 1 dollar if it appears 8-9 times, 1.5 euros if it appears 10-11 times, and 7.5 euros when it appears 12-30 times


The player receives about 50 cents if the symbol appears 8-9 times. About 1.5 dollars if it appears 10-11 times. And 6 euros if the symbol appears 12-30 times


The winnings will be less than 50 cents if it appears 8-9 times. Just over 1 dollar if it appears 10-11 times. And 3 euros if it appears 12-30 times.


The scatter is on all reels, and the winnings are distributed as follows: if it appears 4 times, then 4.5 euros, 5 times – 7.5 euros, 6 times – 150 euros.

It should be noted that these equivalents correspond to the dollar at the time of publishing this article. Nevertheless, the total value of each symbol at the end of the round determines the player's winnings.

Ease of Use of Blaze for Gates of Olympus

Blaze Casino offers the online game Gates of Olympus with graphics, winning symbols, and animations rooted in ancient Greek mythology. Rendered in a comic-book style, this slot machine recounts an epic tale where the precious gems and mentioned symbols shimmer, allowing players to win real money on all types of computers, including desktops and mobile devices.

The convenience of the Gates of Olympus slot in Blaze Casino is evident when activating free spins in the demo version or for real-money bets when four or more symbols appear. Moreover, this bonus is accompanied by a multiplier, the value of which is added to the overall multiplier.

Additionally, free spins are reactivated if the player gets three or more scatter symbols during the bonus play. As a result, the user receives five extra spins to continue the game.

How to Play Gates of Olympus on Blaze Casino's Website?

To play Gates of Olympus on the Blaze website, you need to log in and navigate to the Live Casino section, where you can locate this slot machine. Once you click on the slot machine icon, a new window will pop up, allowing you to start playing, be it in Fun (Demo) mode or in Real (Real Money) mode.

Next, click on the Options tab in the dropdown menu and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to play Gates of Olympus on the Blaze site. Then, proceed to the Coin Value option and adjust the coin size (ranging from 0.01 to 0.50). Finish by pressing the Start (or Spin) button to set the reels in motion.

Other Settings for Gates of Olympus on Blaze

There are several steps we recommend taking to enhance your playing experience in Gates of Olympus on Blaze. For instance:

  • Press the + or - buttons to adjust your bet.
  • Open the Bet menu and select the one that interests you.
  • Go to Settings and make the necessary modifications.
  • If you have questions, click on the Information icon, and you'll learn more about Gates of Olympus in Blaze.
  • Press + or - to increase or decrease the bet amount.
  • Start playing by pressing the icon of two circular arrows.
  • For autoplay, simply press the AUTO. SPIN button. A menu associated with this gameplay mode will appear.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience in Gates of Olympus on Blaze

To get the most out of Gates of Olympus in Blaze, navigate to the settings menu. Here, you'll find the Ambient and Special Effects options if you wish to enable or disable sound effects or background music.

On the other hand, on this screen, you can also review your Gaming History, learn about bet limits, and understand how the auto-play function works and when you should utilize it.

Blaze Casino and its Rules for Playing Gates of Olympus

The rules for playing the Gates of Olympus slot on Blaze's website can be broken down into several sections. For instance, concerning winnings:

    • All wins in this slot machine are multiplied by the initial bet.
    • The values of each prize are determined as a win in real money.
    • If wins are achieved using different symbols, their values are added to the total win.
    • In the case of playing free spins, winnings are credited to the user upon the round's completion.

Also, to learn more about the prizes awarded during free spins on Blaze, you simply need to view the game history.

Features in Gates of Olympus on Blaze

The rules for Gates of Olympus on Blaze's site, concerning the game dynamics, center on the space and Enter keys on your computer or device. With their help, you can start or end a game at your discretion.

Please note that in case of any malfunctions during the rounds in Gates of Olympus, Blaze Casino will void both payouts and any game results. Additionally, the free spins option is offered to the player when 4 or more identical symbols appear on the round, regardless of their positions.

Other interesting facts about free spins:

    • Free spin rounds start with 15 spins.
    • If a multiplier lands during the free spins and the round ends with a certain prize, the multiplier's value is added to the total amount.
    • If 3 or more scatter symbols land during a free spin round, you receive 5 additional free spins.
    • Free spins are played on different reels than the main game.
    • You can purchase free spins at the game's beginning for 100x your current bet or for the amount of your total bet.

RTP, Volatility, and Maximum Bets at Blaze Casino for Gates of Olympus

The Return to Player (RTP) for Gates of Olympus at Blaze is 96.50%. This percentage is also applicable to free spins, giving the game high volatility due to the potential for significant wins in short periods of time.

On the other hand, the maximum bets for Gates of Olympus at Blaze range from just under a quarter of a dollar to around 35 euros, respectively.

Game Strategies for Gates of Olympus at Blaze Casino

Before discussing strategies for playing Gates of Olympus at Blaze, bear in mind that none of them guarantee fixed wins. Luck and chance are the sole determinants in such online games. So if you come across some magical formula for securing wins, approach it with skepticism.

However, to edge closer to the possibility of a win in Gates of Olympus, hit the spin button and focus on a single symbol. In this slot, the symbols that have winning potential are precious stones, crowns, and hourglasses, and you can secure a win when these symbols appear.

Secondly, you can hope for a random multiplier of up to 500x. This means an increase in the multiplier in the free spins menu with potential wins up to 5,000x the stake. For this, you'll need to land the Zeus symbol, which bestows free spins as a gift.

Lastly, it's no secret in the world of online casinos that patience is paramount when playing Gates of Olympus. This way, you can make informed decisions on when to keep playing and when it's best to walk away. Many Blaze Casino players exercise patience when engaging with slots and achieve impressive results.

Blaze Casino Bonuses for Playing Gates of Olympus

The welcome bonus from Blaze Casino for slot players, including those of Gates of Olympus, is up to 500 euros. However, to avail this bonus, and for all other bonuses, you need to register, log in, and make your first deposit. As a result, the casino will match 100% of the amount you deposited.

Additionally, by using Blaze's promotional codes, you can activate a welcome bonus that includes 35 free spins for slot machines, such as Gates of Olympus. Experts in the online casino world advise users not to wait too long and to utilize the bonuses as swiftly as possible.

Download the Blaze App to Play Gates of Olympus

Blaze Casino offers an application to be downloaded for devices operating on both Android and iOS systems. This way, players can enjoy the opportunity to play Gates of Olympus anytime and anywhere at their discretion.

Similarly, Blaze Casino features a user-friendly design, and the website performs excellently on desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Therefore, you can play Gates of Olympus without the need to install an app. We recommend bookmarking this website on your devices or pinning it to your homepage.

Where can you play Gates of Olympus besides the Blaze website?

The popularity of the Gates of Olympus slot machine has made it one of the most sought-after slots on the Blaze website and in other online casinos, such as:

  • Codere
  • Betsson
  • Luckia
  • Zamba
  • Betplay
  • Wplay
  • Betfair
  • Bwin
  • Rushbet
  • Goldenpark
  • Casino Barcelona

Gates of Olympus by Blaze in a few words

The Gates of Olympus slot machine, available at Blaze online casino, is one of the latest slot machines from software developer Pragmatic Play. It stands out for its high volatility, a variety of mechanical and automatic features, very similar to Sweet Bonanza, another slot from the same company.

Blaze Casino offers players the chance to embark on the thrilling adventure that Gates of Olympus presents. It's yet another way to spike the adrenaline and adapt to the new times and challenges for virtual entertainment enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Blaze Casino and Gates of Olympus

What is the Gates of Olympus slot machine?

The Gates of Olympus slot immerses players in ancient Greek mythology. It boasts stunning graphics and offers thrilling adventures with the opportunity to win real money.

How many reels and payout lines does Gates of Olympus have?

Gates of Olympus has 6 reels and uses a cascading payout system, so you won't see traditional paylines. Instead, winning combinations are formed by grouping identical symbols on adjacent reels.

What are the features of Gates of Olympus?

One of the features of Gates of Olympus is the wild symbol, which can substitute other symbols to create winning combinations. There is also a free spins feature and multipliers that can boost your winnings.

How do free spins work in Gates of Olympus?

You earn free spins by landing at least 4 scatter symbols on the reels. In other words, the more scatter symbols, the more free spins you get. During the free spins, multipliers are in play that can enhance your winnings.

Which symbol is the most valuable in the Gates of Olympus slot machine?

The god Zeus symbol. Landing multiple Zeus symbols on the reels can yield significant winnings in Gates of Olympus.

What is the betting range for the Gates of Olympus slot?

This range can vary depending on Blaze Casino's conditions, but typically you can place bets from a minimum of X to a maximum of Y per spin in Gates of Olympus.

Can you play the Gates of Olympus slot in the mobile version of the casino?

Absolutely. The Gates of Olympus slot is optimized for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) of the Gates of Olympus slot machine?

The RTP for Gates of Olympus is approximately 96.50%, but this figure can vary, and on average, in the long term, the game returns about 97% of placed bets to players.

Can you play the Gates of Olympus slot in the mobile version of Blaze Casino?

Yes, you can play the Gates of Olympus slot in the mobile version of the casino. This platform is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and iPads, offering the same features as the website application.

Review: Wonderful Slot Machine!


My experience was incredible. The graphics are mind-blowing, and the gameplay is simply captivating. I won several times and enjoyed the opportunity to win big money. I definitely recommend this game to other players.

Alex, 28

Review: Had a Bad Time with the Gates of Olympus Slot


I didn't like my experience with the Gates of Olympus slot because I invested a lot of money and time but couldn't achieve any substantial wins. Moreover, the payout frequency seems quite low. I wouldn't recommend it to other players.

Lucy, 35

Review: Gates of Olympus Felt Like a Typical Slot Machine


My experience with Gates of Olympus was fairly average. The game has good graphics and some interesting features, but it didn't particularly impress me. I had some small wins, but nothing special. I think there are better options in the casino.

Max, 42

Review: Thrilling Experience with Gates of Olympus


I really liked this slot machine; it's thrilling and provides numerous winning opportunities. The payouts are generous, and I had several significant victories. It's undoubtedly one of my favorite casino games. I recommend Gates of Olympus to all players!

Emily, 21

Review: Disappointment in Gates of Olympus


What a bore! This game seems to have high volatility, and I lost a lot of money without achieving any wins. Moreover, the game's interface is confusing and not very intuitive. I wouldn't recommend the Gates of Olympus slot to other players.

Joaquín, 45

Review: Simply Astonishing Gates of Olympus Slot


Sometimes I get lucky and win a few profitable rounds, but at times I lose a lot of money. I'm not sure if I'll play this slot machine in the future, as there are others that appeal to me more. I don't have a particular opinion about Gates of Olympus. 

Maria, 31

Review: My Favorite Slot Machine Gates of Olympus


The graphics in Gates of Olympus are mind-blowing, and the background music creates a thrilling atmosphere. I had several significant wins, and the bonus feature is simply the best. I recommend it to all online slot lovers.

James, 38